• The Self Pay Patient

    A great site with a ton of information about reducing your healthcare cost

  • Colonoscopy Assist

    Find the best price on colonoscopy

  • Needy Meds

    Amazing deals on prescriptions drugs

  • Surgery Center of Oklahoma

    Transparent pricing for surgical procedures, check out their media page

  • American Healthscare

    This is one of the best blogs about the state of healthcare today.

  • Good Shepard Health

    The first direct care pharmacy. Free prescription cost consultation to see if drug costs can be lowered. Operates
    on a monthly membership

  • MD Save

    Fantastic savings with cash pay pricing for surgery, imaging, etc. Several of my patients have used this site recently and had great experiences.

  • Good Rx

    A free prescription cost savings program. Download coupons, shop lowest local prices.

  • Texas Free Market Surgery Center, Austin Texas

    Transparent pricing, very competitive pricing on surgical procedures for self pay patients.

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