Heartbeat sounds like “chickens”

My daughter, Nola, is almost three years old now. Shortly after she was born my partner at the time, Stephen Kelleher, got her an adorable little stuffed rabbit as gift. When my daughter was old enough to talk she named this rabbit “Bobo” and has basically kept it on her person at all times since she got it.

Lately Nola has taken to wearing my wife’s stethoscope around the house and she gets a real kick out of performing a cardiac exam on whatever happens to be handy, usually her baby brother. Today she was examining “Bobo” and I watched as she held the stethoscope to the rabbit’s chest and listened intently. After a long pause, she looked up at me and stated matter of factly, “Bobo’s heartbeat is very loud”.

“What does it sound like”, I asked?

“Like chickens”, she said gravely.

I think Steve would have gotten a great laugh out of that one.