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Gluten Sensitivity: Okay So Maybe It Is Real

A new study published by Columbia University researchers last month in the journal Gut may shed new light on the phenomenon of “gluten sensitivity”. Gluten is a protein component of several common grains like wheat, barley, and rye and is responsible for the “stretchiness” of bread. It has long been recognized that 1-2% of the…

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Heartbeat sounds like “chickens”

My daughter, Nola, is almost three years old now. Shortly after she was born my partner at the time, Stephen Kelleher, got her an adorable little stuffed rabbit as gift. When my daughter was old enough to talk she named this rabbit “Bobo” and has basically kept it on her person at all times since…

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So Cold Weather Really Does Make You Sick

I guess mom was right. Bundle up and put on that scarf, Yale researchers announced this month results of a research study which showed that lowering the temperature of respiratory cells by as much as five degrees makes them dramatically more likely to be infected by Rhinovirus, the most common cause of the common cold.…

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